Tester Shop

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The Tester Shop is only available on the Test Server and can be accessed from the sidebar. Every item with a vendor price can be bought at the shop for the vendor price. Items that are being implemented in test but cannot be obtained can be purchased here, such as the Chimerical Key.

Due to the generally low vendor prices of items, players can quickly obtain equipment, enhance to high levels cheaply, and gain money by purchasing materials to process and vendor back.



One of the most used strategies for obtaining money on the Test Server is buying the materials for special items from the Tester Shop, creating the special item, and vendoring it back. Profitable items include Magnetic Gloves, Demonic Plate Body, Revenant Tunic, and Vampiric Bow.


The above items can be used to gain Cheesesmithing, Tailoring, and Crafting XP. The items with the highest XP per hour rates are much harder to get on the Main Server, and due to this players can reach much higher levels on the Test Server.

A good way to train Enhancing is through enhancing the Expert Task Ring; it gives as much XP as normal jewelry, and the vendor prices of each material is only 1000.