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Enhancing is the process of increasing the stats of any equipment, such as armor, weapons, tools, pouches, or jewelry. When you successfully enhance an equipment, its enhancement level increases by 1. However, if the enhancement process fails, the level is reset to 0.

Success Rate

The success rate of enhancing depends on several factors, including your enhancing skill level, the tier of the equipment, and the equipment's current enhancement level. Generally, the higher the tier and enhancement level of the equipment, the lower the success rate will be. Equipping an enhancer can improve your success rate.

Enhancing Speed

You gain 1% action speed bonus for each level you have above the item's item level. The item level is usually the same as the level requirement to equip, but it may be different for some special items such as jewelry.


The protection mechanic is a feature that allows players to use copies of the base equipment, Mirrors of protection, or crafting components (for special equipment only) to add protection to each enhancing attempt. If the enhancement fails, the equipment's level is only decreased by 1, but 1 protection item is consumed. This can be a cost-effective way to reach high enhancement levels for endgame players.


Here is a list of steps to follow when enhancing equipment:

1. Select the piece of equipment that you want to enhance.

2. Set the target enhancement level that you would like to stop at. Be realistic about what level you can reach with your current resources.

3. Decide whether or not to use protection. If you do then select the protection item and a minimum enhancement level where protection will be used. Generally, protection is more cost-effective when the item is at higher enhancement levels.

4. Click the "Start" button and you will continue enhancing until you reach the target level or run out of materials.

The bonus stats on enhanced equipment are a percentage of the base stats. The total bonus at each enhancement level is as follows:

Enhancement Bonus
Enhancement Level Bonus
+1 2.0%
+2 4.2%
+3 6.6%
+4 9.2%
+5 12.0%
+6 15.0%
+7 18.2%
+8 21.6%
+9 25.5%
+10 29.0%
+11 33.0%
+12 37.2%
+13 41.6%
+14 46.2%
+15 51.0%
+16 56.0%
+17 61.2%
+18 66.6%
+19 72.2%
+20 78.0%
Enhancement Base Success Rate
Enhancement Level Success Rate
+1 50%
+2 45%
+3 45%
+4 40%
+5 40%
+6 40%
+7 35%
+8 35%
+9 35%
+10 35%
+11 30%
+12 30%
+13 30%
+14 30%
+15 30%
+16 30%
+17 30%
+18 30%
+19 30%
+20 30%

As an exception, jewelry enhancements receives a 5x the normal bonus. For instance, a +1 enhancement on jewelry is a 10% bonus.

The chance to get an item to +20 on your first try for every level is 0.00000016%