Game Rules

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The rules for Milky Way Idle are designed to ensure an enjoyable and fair experience for all players. Breaking the rules would result in appropriate penalties dependent on the type and severity of the offense. Penalties include verbal warning, mute, item removal, trading ban, or account ban.

  1. Account
    1. Single Account Only: Create only 1 account per person.
    2. No Account Sharing: Do not share account with other players.
    3. No Inappropriate Username: Usernames should not be offensive, sexual, or impersonating others. Inappropriate name may result in mutes or forced name change.
    4. Age 13+ Only: In compliance with COPPA(Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), you must be at least age 13+ to register and play.
  2. Trading
    1. No Real World Trading / Cross-Trading: Do not trade items or services within Milky Way Idle for anything outside of the game.
    2. No Boosting: Do not give excessive gifts to another player, giving them an unfair advantage over others. Small gifts between friends or to help new players are fine. Giveaways and contests involving prizes should have a prize value of 1M coins of less.
    3. No Scamming: Do not use deception or scamming to gain items from other players. Actions will be taken against scammers given sufficient evidence. However, items lost to scams will not be refunded.
    4. Repay Loans Within 7 Days: Loans are discouraged. Large loans must be repaid within 7 days to avoid triggering boosting/scamming detection.
  3. Chat
    1. Use Respectful Language: The #1 chat rule is to respect other players. Our goal is to create a friendly community space everyone can enjoy. Please avoid intentionally antagonizing or harassing others. While the occasional use of profanity is not against the rule, please don't do so excessively, especially when directed at other players.
    2. English Only: Please use only English in public channels. Having multiple languages can be confusing for most players, and we are currently unable to moderate in other languages.
    3. No Discrimination: Do not use slurs, slangs, or any offensive phrases that target any person or group of people.
    4. No Illegal or Sexual Topics: Do not link or discuss illegal activities or overly sexual topics.
    5. No Spamming: Do not spam the chat with large number of unnecessary messages, overuse of CAPSLOCK, or beg others for free items.
    6. Do Not Encourage Others to Break Rules: Do not mislead or instigate other players into breaking game rules.
    7. Do Not Disclose Personal Information: Do not disclose identifying personal information about yourself, including, but not limited to, your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Furthermore, do not disclose ANY personal information about other players that they have not made public themselves, such as their name, age, or location.
    8. All Advertisements Must be in Trade Chat: All buying, selling, or service requests must be posted in the designated trade chat. Price checks are allowed in general or beginner chat.
    9. Listen to Moderators: Moderators have the discretion to moderate chat as they see fit in order to maintain a positive environment. Please cooperate and respect their requests to avoid certain topics (excessive drama, political/religious discussions, mute/ban discussion, etc). If anyone has any issues or complaints regarding a moderator, please submit a ticket on Discord.
  4. Bots, Scripts, and Extensions
    1. No Botting: Do not use any automation that plays the game for you.
    2. Scripts and Extensions: Any scripts or extensions must not take any actions for the player (send any requests to server). You are allowed to use them purely for information display purposes or UI improvements. (ex: Display combat summary, track drops, move buttons to different location)
  5. Bugs and Exploits
    1. No Bug Abusing: Do not abuse game bugs or exploits to your advantage. Please report them on Discord.