Editing Guidelines

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Please reference MediaWiki documentation for help with basic text editing tools.


  • Use "Experience" when referring to it in text bodies, and either Exp or the XP icon for infoboxes/Exp tables/drop tables etc...
  • [icon] Coin in infoboxes and "Coin" in text
  • Spell out the word "Level"
  • Never say "you", say "the player" instead
  • When linking to another page, only link to it the first time it's mentioned. For example, if you mention cheesesmithing on the milking page, only link to cheesesmithing the first time you mention it
  • Use the Oxford comma

Examples of numbers and units as found across game

5 Item Name
1 / 3 (space between)
1 - 3(space between)
123 HP
456 MP