Cowbell Store

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The Cowbell Store can be accessed through the sidebar. People can purchase bags of cowbells with money through the Cowbell Store, and can spend them here. Every 1 cowbell purchased gives one Supporter Point.



Offline Progress hours, Action Queues, Market Listings, and Task Slots can be purchased.

Chat Icons

Various icons of items, Monsters, and other things not found in the game can be purchased and displayed in front of your name. "Upon reaching 50K, 100K, and 200K supporter points, players can request a custom chat icon for each tier reached. The icon must fit the theme of the game and can be requested via #new-ticket on Discord. Each player is eligible for a maximum of three custom icons."

Name Colors

Various solid and gradient colors can be purchased to apply to your name. "Upon reaching 150K supporter points, players can request a one-time custom name color(or gradient pattern) . This can be requested via #new-ticket on Discord."

Community Buffs

Buffs that apply to the entire server can be purchased for a rate of cowbells per minute; the Gathering Quantity, Production Efficiency, Enhancing Speed, and Combat Drop Quantity buffs cost 10 cowbells per minute, while the Experience buff costs 20 cowbells per minute. A purchase must have a minimum of 10 minutes.

Once a community buff is active, purchases of that same buff will extend the duration of that buff. The more minutes added to a community buff, the more effective it becomes. Buffs start at level 1 and can be increased up to level 20 through enough minutes donated.

"For every Cowbell spent on community buffs, you will gain 1 fame point. Fame points are ranked on the leaderboard." You may also opt out of the leaderboard in the dropdown menu within the tab.

Name Change

On the Name Change tab, you can check the availability of a username for free. If available, you can change your username to the inputted username for 500 cowbells.

Test Server

On the Test Server, "You can get cowbells for free by putting 4242-4242-4242-4242 as credit card and any inputs for other fields." As a result, all community buffs are active at level 20.